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Fighting COVID-19 Together: First Anti-epidemic Materials Donated by Huayou Cobalt to Support Indonesia

Chen Hao
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On March 25th, 2020, the Group Office Director Sun Jun, on behalf of Huayou Cobalt, donated 10,000 medical protective clothing, 50,000 medical masks and 20,000 sterile swabs to Mr. Deny Wachyudi Kurnia, consul general of Indonesia in Shanghai. The anti-epidemic Materials is directionally donated to Maritime Affairs and Investment of Republic of Indonesia that will distribute the materials in a uniform way to fight against COVID-19 outbreak. Currently, the materials have arrived at the designated warehouse and will be delivered to the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Indonesia on March 26th, 2020 Beijing Time.
Mr. Djauhari Oratmangun, the Ambassador to China of Republic of Indonesia, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs donating voluntarily and his admiration for Chinese achievements in the fight against COVID-19 outbreak via video connection. Mr. Djauhari Oratmangun pointed out that this is a virus that respects no borders. The outbreak we are battling is our common enemy. In the world spreading the outbreak, we face the same challenges, shoulder common responsibilities and have a shared future. This means only in a way of working together and strengthening cooperation can we win the battle against the coronavirus!
Sun Jun conveyed the regards and wishes from Chairman Chen Xuehua to Mr. Deny Wachyudi Kurnia at the donation ceremony. He hoped that both parties shall promote communication, keep firm faith, jointly respond to challenges, and enhance their friendship in the joint fight against the coronavirus. Mr. Deny Wachyudi Kurnia thanked Chairman Chen Xuehua for his regards and was touched by the charity measures taken by Huayou Cobalt for epidemic prevention and control in Indonesia. He believed that both parties can win the battle against the coronavirus as soon as possible with concerted effort.
“Each drop of water can enrich the land where it is, each inch of the business road to the world is paved with the integrity.” As to Indonesia, the main battleground to start a new undertaking of the company, Huayou will stick to and intensify the investment concept of “contributing to local economic and social development no matter where it invests” and further strengthen international cooperation with the relevant governments in Indonesia and leave no means untried to support the anti-epidemic actions on the premise of providing convenience and assuring quality. Furthermore, Huayou will contribute to fighting against COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia by the concept of building a human community with a shared future by means of practical action.