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Huayou has been moving actively to support the charity activities and boost common prosperity.

Chen Hao
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On October 18, 2021 "Tongxiang Goodness" Forum with the theme of "Supporting Charity Activities and Boosting Common Prosperity" was held to discuss the development direction of public welfare and charity in the new era and build a high-quality charity development mechanism in Tongxiang to help the construction of a demonstration zone for common prosperity. In the forum, Huayou Cobalt was granted the honorary title of "Tongxiang Charity Demonstration Enterprise". 


Public welfare and charity is a symbol of social civilization and progress. It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to be kind and good at helping people in need, and it is also the concrete embodiment of socialist core values. Since its establishment, Huayou has been actively practicing its social responsibilities and keen on social public welfare undertakings, funding schools to develop education, actively participating in the construction of beautiful countryside, donating money and materials to fight against the pandemic, carrying out "Love Offering Day", etc. Each good deed demonstrates the company's strong sense of mission, responsibility, and honor in the development process. At the same time, the charity culture is vigorously promoted within the enterprise. Therefore, the action of making good deeds becomes a habit and fashion. We should cultivate a "fertile land of civilization" and build a "spiritual highland" of advocating virtue and goodness. 

"Every step in the business shall benefit the public, and every action shall be taken with honesty." Looking forward, Huayou will make more efforts to fulfill its corporate mission, continue to be keen on charity, make more attempts in undertaking social responsibilities, and continuously improve and develop ourselves to better serve customers and society and contribute Huayou's strength to the high-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration zone in Zhejiang!