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Cooperate to Co-build, Achieve A Win-win Future - Huayou Cobalt and Ronbay Technology Sign the Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Chen Hao
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Cooperate to co-build and achieve a win-win future. On November 18, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Huayou Cobalt and Ronbay Technology was held in Hangzhou. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the group, and Bai Houshan, Chairman and CEO of Ningbo Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd. jointly witnessed the signing along with the top management team of both parties. The signing ceremony was presided over by the group's president Chen Hongliang.



"Be the strongest and cooperate with the strongest for co-existence". Chairman Bai Houshan mentioned in the speech that both Ronbay and Huayou are enterprises in Zhejiang Province. In recent years, both enterprises have focused on the lithium battery new energy industry, seized the development opportunity and strengthened industrial coordination, with a good development trend. The strategic signing on that day is the most important milestone in the cooperation history of both parties, with significant meaning. At present, Ronbay Technology is promoting its "new integration" strategy. The core is to adapt to the new competition environment, set up wider connections, gather more resources and boost wider cooperation according to the new integration strategy, so as to achieve great success. This strategic cooperation with Huayou vividly shows Ronbay's practice of the "new integration strategy". Meanwhile, Chairman Bai Houshan has great confidence in both parties' cooperation. He hopes that both parties may cooperate with each other in a more open way and to a greater extent, complement each other's advantages, jointly create new development advantages of the lithium battery industry and boost the higher quality development of each other.



"Be the number one or give up. We may become more excellent by cooperating with the excellent". Chairman Chen Xuehua showed congratulations to the long-term development and splendid achievements of Chairman Bai Houshan and his team in the anode material cause. Chairman Chen mentioned that Huayou and Ronbay are close in the geographical relationship, with similar cultures; they have the same pursuit in the great market space of new energy lithium battery. On the development course of the enterprise, Huayou sticks to the open cooperation idea of "Cooperate to Co-build, Achieve A Win-win Future", the development thought of "controlling resources in the upstream, expanding the market in the downstream and improving abilities midstream", and the path of "high-end product, integrated industry and international operation", which keeps in line with the "new integration strategy" of Ronbay Technology. Huayou will continue with the precious quality of entrepreneurship of "openness, perseverance and keeping with the times", keep exploring the lithium battery cause and work with Ronbay to co-build prosperity, paint the new blueprint of joint development, mutual benefit and win-win, and contribute wisdom and strength to the new energy vehicle industry and the new material industry development in China.

Liu Dexian, Vice President of Ronbay Technology and Chen Yaozhong, Vice President of the group signed on the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.