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Indonesia Huayue, The First Batch of Qualified Products!

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"Nickel" opportunity to create miracles, and "cobalt" for a great cause! Recently, the first batch of nickel-cobalt hydroxide products of Huayue Nickel and Cobalt Hydrometallurgy Project has been successfully offline. This marks the completion of the project, entering a new stage from trial production to full production.



The laterite nickel hydrometallurgy project of PT. Huayue Nickel Cobalt is a significant strategic project of the company during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, as well as an important strategic measure for the Company to build an integrated industrial chain of new-energy lithium battery materials. It is of great significance to ensure the future supply of nickel and cobalt resources and build a competitive nickel raw material manufacturing base for new energy power batteries. The successful completion and trial production of the project is in line with the expectations of the Company's strategic planning, and is a milestone in the Company's development of nickel and cobalt resources in Indonesia. If the project achieves full production, it will help to further improve the Company's comprehensive competitiveness and provide important support for the Company's high-quality development.



The ten-year mission completed in five years has created glory. Under the guidance of the Company's medium and long-term development plan and the goal of "completion of ten-year task in five years", Huayue people put emphasis on both pandemic prevention and control, as well as project construction, overcoming difficulties and seizing the day, who firmly believe in the decisive victory of the project on schedule, and set off an upsurge of "racing against time to win the construction battle" on the vast Indonesian islands, writing victorious songs of "dare to turn the world upside down"!



Under the enormous pressure of the COVID-19, colleagues in Indonesia have worked arduously and overcome countless difficulties to push forward such a complex and huge project on schedule, deliver materials on schedule and successfully produce the project, overcoming difficulties, and writing a chapter of "China"!