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Build Together Win the Future Together -- China · Huayou 6th Annual International Conference Opening Ceremony

Chen Hao
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Build Together Win the Future Together On December 2, China · Huayou 6th Annual International Conference opened in Tongxiang. Huayou customer and supplier representatives from China, as well as relevant financial institutions, securities institutions, media institutions and other friends met in Tongxiang to discuss the development of new-energy lithium battery industry and create a better future.



Chen Xuehua, (Chairman of the Group), Wang Jian, (Deputy Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Committee of the CPC and Acting Mayor), Feng Jianlong, (President of Zhejiang branch of ABC), Liu Genhong, (Member of the Standing Committee of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of Smart New Town Party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee), Yuan Long, (Vice President of Zhejiang branch of BOC), Liu Jincheng, (Chairman of Huizhou EVE Energy Co., Ltd), Bai Houshan, (Chairman of Ningbo Ronbay Technology Co., Ltd.), Li Jianzhong, (Chairman of Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd.), Piao Hongkui, (Executive Director of LG Chemical Company of Korea), Liu Xingyi, (Party Secretary and General Manager of Zhejiang branch of State Power Investment Corporation Limited), and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Chen Hongliang, CEO of the Group.



Due to the impact of COVID-19, Mr. Luhut, Minister of Marine Affairs and Investment Coordination of Republic of Indonesia, was unable to attend the conference in person. He expressed his congratulations on the successful opening of the Annual International Conference via video. In his speech, Minister Luhut expressed heartfelt thanks to Huayou for its cooperation, projects and investments in Indonesia over the years, and congratulated PT. Huayue Nickel Cobalt on its trial production and achievements. He pointed out that green circular economy is very important for the future development of Indonesia. The Indonesian Government is open to various forms of cooperation, and welcomes excellent Chinese enterprises like Huayou to invest in Indonesia and work together to further promote its development of green circular economy.



"Development requires cooperation, and cooperation can lead to win-win outcomes." Wang Jian, the Acting Mayor, said in his speech that the development of Huayou in the past 20 years showed us the valuable spirit of "constant self-improvement and pursuit of excellence". It is precisely because of this spirit that Huayou has grown into a leader in the global cobalt industry and even an influential enterprise in the new-energy lithium battery material industry in just over a decade. It is hoped that Huayou will continue to carry forward the pioneering and innovative spirit and make new and greater contributions to the progress of the industry, as well as the economic and social development of Tongxiang. As a platform for industry exchange and cooperation, China · Huayou 6th Annual International Conference is a grand event to display the achievements of enterprise development, and also a good opportunity for friends from all walks of life to come to Tongxiang for exchange and guidance. Wang Jian, the Acting Mayor, hoped that friends from all walks of life can continuously deepen in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Huayou and even Tongxiang related industries, grasp business opportunities, and lead development.



"As long as we cooperate in good faith and work together, we will certainly achieve fruitful results." Feng Jianlong, Chief Ex