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Huayou Dated RMI Audit on 16-18th October after the Auditing Cooperation MOU Signed between RCI and RMI

Shen Jiao
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The Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI) and Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) have signed an MOU on September 5th, which is aimed at jointly promoting due diligence in responsible cobalt supply chain by supporting companies’ implementation of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (OECD Guidance) and the Chinese Due Diligence Guidelines for Responsible Minerals Supply Chains (Chinese Guidelines).
RCI is an international initiative sponsored and set up jointly and voluntarily by upstream and downstream enterprises along the global cobalt supply chain and other related organizations, which is launched in 2016 to identify and respond to the social and environmental risks in the cobalt supply chain in a systematic and efficient way. The secretariat of RCI is currently managed by China Chamber of Commerce for Minerals and Chemicals Importers and Exporters (CCCMC) until better governance structure could be further developed. 
Based on the Chinese Guidelines and the OECD Guidance, RCI has responsibly guided enterprises to carry out due diligence to sort out the cobalt supply chain, identify and address the potential risks of human rights abuses since 2016. RCI is crucial to coordinate all parties concerned in the industry by taking joint actions with upstream and downstream members to build an inclusive, harmonious, responsible cobalt supply chain. RCI has also suggested to implement on-the-ground projects with local government actors, local communities, and other international organizations, which has been regarded as the key to problems instead of temporary palliative. 
RMI is a well-established Initiative of the Responsible Business Alliance, whose auditing program has been recognized by Global Brands. In this way, RCI and RMI share a common objective to develop the due diligence system and facilitate responsible sourcing by upstream and downstream companies along the cobalt supply chain. It takes a few years for RCI and RMI to reach an agreement because of its complexity. 
As the vice Chair of RCI board, Huayou committed to contributing the establishment of an inclusive, harmonious, and responsible cobalt supply chain. Huayou has always been supportive to advocate this cooperation between the RCI and RMI.
To continue its leadership in the industry, Huayou Cobalt would like to be one of the first major cobalt refiners to be audited by RMI auditing program after the signing of the MOU. Therefore, Huayou has signed an audit agreement with RMI, and scheduled the RMI audit on 16-18th October, 2019.
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(From left: Head of CSR of Huayou Mr. Bryce Lee, Chair of RBA Board Ms. Paula Pyers, and CCCMC Mr. Sun Lihui)