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Embarking on a new journey after ten years' endeavors - striving to write a new chapter in the development of Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park

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A decade of forging ahead, and cooperate with appreciation towards the future. On July 29, the rally for the decennial of the construction of Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park was held in the Science and Technology Innovation Center of the park. Chen Xuehua, chairman of the Group, delivered a speech entitled Embarking on a New Journey After Ten Years' Endeavors - Striving to Write a New Chapter in the Development of Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park.


In order to deepen cooperation, enhance mutual trust, and promote joint high-quality development, the "Huayou-ENFI" strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony also took place. At the rally, the attendees watched a review video of the decennial of the construction of Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park. Xu Wei, Vice President of the Group, made a report on the decennial of the construction of Quzhou Industrial Park. Chen Ying, Director of the Strategic Development Department of the Group, released the strategic plan for Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park on behalf of the company.


Accompanied by chairman Chen Xuehua, the attending leaders and guests also visited the 100-piece calligraphy, painting and photography exhibition for the decennial of the construction of Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park to experience the brilliant achievements that Huayou has made in the southern Confucianism area in the past ten years through the array of pictures that recorded its development and scores of paintings and calligraphic works loaded with deep feeling.


The rally was attended by nearly 200 people, including representatives of such friendly units as China ENFI, Juhua Group Corporation, Quzhou Energy Co., Ltd., and Yuanli Group; principals of such financial institutions as Agricultural Bank of China Quzhou Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Quzhou Branch (including Quhua Sub-branch), and Bank of China Quzhou Branch; leaders attended the Group's mid-year work conference, vice-ministerial level and above personnel of the New Material Industrial Group, the New Energy Industrial Group, and the headquarters department stationed in Quzhou, and representatives of university students of previous years.