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[Attention] Vice President of LGES, Kwon Young-soo, Visits Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park

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On August 23rd, a delegation led by Vice President Kwon Young-soo of LGES from South Korea made an official visit to Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park, marking a significant exchange between the two entities. The delegation was warmly welcomed by Chairman Chen Xuehua.

Accompanied by Chairman Chen, Vice President Kwon Young-soo embarked on a tour of Huayou's intelligent manufacturing production lines, gaining a profound insight into the company's global industrial layout, its integrated lithium battery industry chain implementation strategy, and the forward-looking "Two New Areas and Three Trends" development strategy. In recognizing Huayou's accomplishments spanning over two decades, Vice President Kwon Young-soo conveyed his admiration for Chairman Chen's visionary strategic planning. He emphasized that Huayou's commitment to technological innovation has been pivotal in driving high-quality development, consistently fostering new momentum and advantages. The noteworthy collaboration within the global new energy lithium battery industry chain, reflected in the facets of Huayou featuring green, technological, and global, left an indelible impression on him. Vice President Kwon Young-soo went on to underscore the vast developmental potential of the new energy lithium battery industry, acknowledging the existing challenges and the necessity for concerted efforts across all levels of the industry chain to cultivate even closer collaboration. LGES expressed its eagerness to fortify strategic alignment with Huayou, deepen their strategic cooperation, and collaboratively script a new chapter of win-win future.

Chairman Chen extended a warm and cordial reception to Vice President Kwon Young-soo and his accompanying delegation. He expressed profound gratitude for LGES's consistent trust and support, pivotal to Huayou's endeavors. The Chairman accentuated Huayou's triumphs and its competitive edge within the new energy lithium battery industry, cultivated over years of dedicated effort. With a trajectory spanning over two decades, Huayou has meticulously constructed an integrated industry framework in lithium battery cathode materials, spanning from resource, refining, and materials processing to recycling. This integrated structure operates under the overarching paradigm of "overseas resources, domestic manufacturing, global market." Guided by the mission of "Creating Value for Customer, Leading Industry Development," Huayou remains attuned to the pulse of change, capitalizing on development prospects, and meticulously sculpting a sustainable lithium battery industry ecosystem through consistent ESG management system evolution. The Chairman articulated Huayou's commitment to shaping a brighter future for humanity. Chairman Chen further emphasized the synergistic potential between Huayou and LGES, both entities enriched by shared industry connections and complementary strengths, paving the way for expansive cooperation. As South Korea's battery industry frontier, LGES's three-decade battery cultivation experience has propelled it into a global leader in battery technology, rendering it an exemplary model for Huayou's learning. Huayou expressed its eagerness to engage in a close collaborative journey with LGES, strengthening high-level interactions, fostering deeper cooperative foundations, and conjointly forging a new future for new energy lithium batteries.

Ahead of the discussions, Vice President Kwon Young-soo and the delegation undertook insightful visits to critical areas, including the green refining production line, precursor intelligent manufacturing line, and the research and development center. This immersive exploration provided them with an in-depth understanding of Huayou's advanced process flows and cutting-edge production technologies.


The visit and ensuing discussions were graced by the presence of notable figures, including Group President Chen Hongliang, Group Senior Vice President and President of Huayou New Energy Industry Group Chen Yaozhong, Group Senior Vice President and President of Huayou New Material Industry Group Xu Wei, Group CEO Assistant and Vice President of Huayou Recycling Industry Group Bao Wei, among others.