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Successfully Selected as one of the Top Ten Cases!

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Recently, the "Top Ten Cases" of Chengdu's Green and Low-Carbon Transformation in 2023 were officially announced, and Chengdu B&M, a subsidiary of Huayou Cobalt, was successfully selected with its groundbreaking initiative to establish the world's first 'zero carbon' cathode material factory. This achievement vividly demonstrates the company's robust capabilities in green factory construction and sustainable industrial development.


Chengdu B&M is a globally renowned high-end lithium battery materials supplier and battery material solutions provider. Since establishing its presence in Chengdu, the company has consistently adhered to the principles of green and low-carbon development. It has actively played a leading role in the industry and proactively integrated into the national Dual Carbon strategic framework. By implementing the Six Transformations throughout the product lifecycle and executing the Zero Carbon Factory plan, Chengdu B&M, in collaboration with the entire industry chain, is actively promoting carbon reduction and emissions reduction, thereby contributing to Chengdu's accelerated achievement of 'dual carbon' goals.


Presently, Chengdu B&M has received the Carbon Neutrality Declaration Certificate from the internationally recognized institution, SGS. This certificate provides a long-term and stable carbon-neutral solution for building a green manufacturing system and serves as an inspirational example and innovative approach for achieving carbon neutrality in the production of cathode materials for new energy batteries in China and around the world.


In the future, Chengdu B&M will continue to deeply implement its concept of green and sustainable development, enhance talent development, emphasize technological innovation, and pursue high-quality green development. It will further implement the Six Transformations throughout the product lifecycle, establish a green manufacturing system, conduct carbon footprint verification for cathode materials, and provide data support for full lifecycle carbon reduction. By striving for high-level openness, it will drive the group's high-quality development and make a positive contribution to the local economy and society.