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Huayou Cobalt and International SOS Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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Huayou Cobalt recently formalized a strategic cooperation agreement with International SOS Pte Ltd. This agreement underscores a proactive commitment to the welfare and safety of its employees, particularly those working overseas. The company is dedicated to bolstering a responsible approach that lays a solid foundation for joint development with its employees and various societal stakeholders. The signing ceremony, attended and addressed by Chen Hongliang, the President of the Group, and Chen Meifa, the Managing Director of International SOS China, marked the official beginning of this strategic partnership.


▲ Chen Meifa, Managing Director of International SOS China, and Zhang Jianhong, Assistant to the President of the Group, signed the strategic cooperation agreement as representatives of their respective organizations.


This initiative aligns with Huayou's active response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs), integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and international sustainability standards into its operational framework. By establishing a distinct ESG system tailored to Huayou, the company seeks to generate value for stakeholders, presenting an image of an internationally responsible enterprise. The "Global Workforce Resilience Service Solution" service agreement which was signed this time, covers 3,000 global employees involved in international travel and assignments at Huayou. Leveraging the global medical and safety network resources of International SOS, this pact ensures a robust commitment to the physical health and safety of the company's overseas workforce, showcasing the group's deep concern for the well-being of its employees working abroad.


In his address, Managing Director Chen Meifa expressed enthusiasm about the strategic collaboration with the top-tier company in the lithium-ion battery industry. The signing of this agreement signifies the dawn of a new phase in the partnership between both parties. Relying on its global service network and solutions, International SOS is committed to offering comprehensive health and safety protection for Huayou's global workforce, fostering sustainable growth in the company's global business. International SOS is keen to deliver world-class services to Huayou Cobalt, providing advanced management perspectives and best practices for mitigating overseas risks, thereby offering protection and establishing a robust foundation for the smooth development of Huayou and numerous other Chinese enterprises operating worldwide.

"Ensuring the health and safety of our overseas employees is our foremost priority, with a clear focus on achieving sustainable development and ESG goals.", remarked President Chen Hongliang in his speech. Abiding by the principle of prioritizing people, Huayou attaches great significance to the safety and well-being of its overseas workforce. With the increasing number of the group's overseas projects and expatriates, the company's investment in international safety and emergency response has steadily risen. The overseas business unit has constructed a well-structured and non-traditional security management system internationally while engaging in extensive collaborations with globally renowned security firms and emergency response organizations. The comprehensive partnership with International SOS aims to secure the health and lives of employees while ensuring stable business operations. This collaboration further fortifies Huayou Cobalt's risk management and is poised to elevate the social influence and brand image of both parties, contributing to the realization of sustainable development and ESG objectives.


International SOS stands as a global leader in providing medical and security services, backed by extensive experience in international medical assistance and public safety management. With a widespread service network, it caters to the health and safety needs of 70% of the Fortune 500 companies. International SOS is among the largest medical assistance companies globally and a key provider of on-site medical services in remote areas across the world. At present, International SOS has over 10,000 employees globally, including 1,100 full-time doctors and over 200 safety experts serving in International SOS assistance centers, international clinics, and on-site medical institutions across five continents