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Zhang Shuming, Vice-Director of Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Visits Huayou Headquarters

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Zhang Shuming, Vice-Director of Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, visited Huayou headquarters on November 9 to make investigation and guidance. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group gave him a warm welcome.

Zhang Shuming visited Huayou's exhibition hall and listened to related work reports. He got to know the company's development history, industrial structures, overseas expansion and advantages for development and so on. Zhang highly affirmed Huayou's constant development path of opening up and cooperation over years, active participation in building  the Belt and Road Initiative, well leveraging two resources in both domestic and international markets, in-depth involvement in division and cooperation about global industries, as well as setting an outstanding example for "sweet potato economic development" (a high-speed development mode targeting both markets and resources in Zhejiang). Zhang encouraged Huayou to continuously foster Double-Eight Strategy's firm implementation, to accelerate new industrialization and digitalized transformation, and to reinforce its competitiveness with high-standard opening-up. It is good for Huayou to make more contributions and put forward the modernization construction with Chinese characteristics in Zhejiang.

Chairman Chen Xuehua underscored that the past two decades witnessed Huayou has already grown into a leader in new energy industry including lithium-ion battery materials based on its unremitting endeavors. Huayou established its operation pattern covering overseas resources, domestic manufacturing and global markets in fields of resources, green refining, materials supply and recycling for integrated industrial structures about lithium-ion battery cathode materials. By closely grasping the development opportunities and keeping up with the times, Huayou insisted on building ESG management system, continuously establishing green and sustainable Lithium battery industrial ecology. In years to come, bolstered by Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Huayou will further extend its footprints in overseas markets, stably press ahead with global projects, seize new opportunities about upgrades in global supply chains, participate in international competition at high standards. Huayou will also share its wisdom and successful stories in consolidating sound and healthy development in Lithium battery industry, while maintaining its leading superiority in new energy industry.

Zhuang Jiayue, Vice-Director of Jiaxing Development and Reform Commission, Tian Siyi, Director of Tongxiang Development and Reform Bureau and Fang Qixue, Senior Deputy Chairman and SVP of the Group, and others were also invited to attend the seminar.